If you are planning a rustic, southern wedding, you either grew up immersed in the culture of the Deep South, or fell in love with the southern way of life through classic movies such as “Steel Magnolias” or “Gone With the Wind.”

Whatever the reason may be, having a rustic wedding does not necessarily mean that you have an uncultured, unsophisticated affair. Here are three ways to give a nod to southern charm when you plan a wedding at any of our inexpensive wedding venues in Orlando.

Pick Cotton

Those who have spent any time in the Deep South, immediately recognize natural cotton still on the stem. Cotton bolls are a perfect alternative to flowers in a wedding centered around a Southern theme; they can be arranged in bouquets, corsages, or boutonnieres, yet are not adversely affected by heat or humidity.

Not sure you want to ditch tradition by carrying a non-floral bouquet? Consider using sunflowers, daisies, or chrysanthemums.

Make Some Moonshine

Consider asking your bartender to create a signature cocktail for your event, and refer to it as moonshine throughout your celebration. Some couples choose to not to serve alcohol as a part of your reception. If this is the case, ask your caterer to come up with a “Moonshine Punch” for your guests, and have it served in Mason jars.

Ditch the Wedding Limo

Every bride and groom needs to make a dramatic exit. In true southern tradition, ditch the wedding limo in favor of a vintage pick-up.

Find the Perfect Venue

Of course, one of the keys to having the perfect southern wedding is finding the perfect venue. If you are looking for inexpensive wedding venues in Orlando, check us out. We are a one-stop wedding venue, and would be happy to help you with all of your special event needs. For more information contact us today!