It is amazing that as technologically advanced our culture is, we are busier than ever before. With the advent of social media, text messaging, and even webcams that allow us to speak with family members that are literally almost anywhere in the world, it is shocking that family members continue to operate so independently from one another. Think its time your extended family spent some time reconnecting? Why not plan now to convene at one of our Crystal Ballrooms for a time of relaxation, laughter, and great conversation! Yes, you could host a family reunion at your own personal residence, but by hosting such a grand celebration at one of our three Central Florida locations, you can make the event easier on yourself in the following ways:

  • The staff of the Crystal Ballroom can handle your prep work. In the weeks and days leading up to a family reunion or any large celebration, life doesn’t quit. You will still have deadlines looming at work, social functions to attend, and personal commitments to fulfill. Finding time to clean and prepare your own home to impress family members who you haven’t seen in a while can be quite a challenge. When you host your event at one of our ballrooms, the prep work is done for you. We will handle your set up, organize your catering, and do everything we can to ensure your family members have an amazing visit.
  • The staff of the Crystal Ballroom can assist you with your hosting duties. During your event, one of our onsite event managers will be there to instruct caterers, ensure your beverages are served, and help facilitate all the details of your party so that your event flows seamlessly from beginning to end.
  • The staff of Crystal Ballroom can handle tear down and clean-up. One of the best aspects of reserving one of our spectacular ballrooms is that at the end of your event, your event is over. We will take care of the clean up; you go home and rest.

Ready to find out more about the possibilities of hosting a family gathering at one of our ballrooms? Contact us today to learn more!