When we think about Birthday planning so much comes to mind; the creative ideas, the enjoyment of your event, and the memories you create. But, the process of putting this all together makes us cringe and stress a bit. First things first create a to-do list, it is very helpful, and can save a ton of time by reminding you of the more important aspects. The biggest decision that comes along with planning a birthday is selecting a venue, then yours vendors and etc. The venue you decide to book for your event must be the best of the best, in the end it’s for you. It is also good to explore your options so list the pros and cons when comparing venues; “let the venue make an impression on your pocket” any moment you can save money will benefit you in the end allowing you to have “extra change” for splurging on yourself.

If the venue offers special services such as a cleanup staff, decorations, bartenders, and even a day of event coordinator it can make all the difference with having to go to different vendors to provide some of these services. Trust me, if you can dream of a venue that can provide most of these jobs the planning process will be much less stressful. The Crystal Ballroom is your dream venue, the one you’ve been searching for taking any ordinary event and making it extraordinary. We can assist you with your event and deliver what you are envisioning.

Our staff is fully trained to cater to any event while providing exquisite customer service. Our many years of experience along with our level of knowledge in this industry make The Crystal Ballroom the number one go to event venue for any occasion just read our reviews. Here at The Crystal Ballroom we have many packages that can cater to most budgets and a guarantee that your event will be successfully executed. Our décor studio will blow your mind and to make it even better our décor designers will assist you in the theme and concepts along the way.

Allow The Crystal Ballroom make and everlasting impression and create the memories you’ve always wanted. Birthday planning is just one  of the many skills The Crystal Ballroom is experienced in. Do not hesitate give us a call and get ready to be wowed, zt (407) 681-2710 or you can explore our website at www.crystalballroomorlando.com