The nautical look is once again popular, and, judging by the anchor-themed accessories filling stores everywhere, this trend may bearound for a while. Wondering how you can incorporate this trend into your wedding theme? Here are a few fun and inspiring ideas!

Welcome Aboard

Following strict naval tradition, start your nautical-themed reception off right by welcoming your guests aboard, both verbally and with creative, decorative signage.

Give your Wedding Party Direction

Ages ago, sailors relied on the stars when charting their course to their desired haven. Framable star charts or more modern trendy pocket compasses would be unique and symbolic gifts for your wedding party.

Add Nautical Flavor to Your Chosen Favor

If you choose to send your guests home with a wedding favor, encourage guests to set sail for their own adventures. From anchor key chains, to decorative soap in the shape of sea shells, your chosen favor can enhance your wedding theme but be practical and useful long after you have bid your guests “bon voyage.”

Arrive with Style, Depart with Dramatic Flair

Of course, one of the best ways to pull off a nautical-themed wedding is by choosing the right venue. Our Crystal Ballroom in Daytona Beach provides the perfect setting for any nautical wedding, complete with beach and waterway access. Imagine arriving at your wedding via boat, which can be docked at our Sunset Harbor Marina, then sailing off into the sunset with the one you love!

Think the Crystal Ballroom in Daytona Beach is the right venue for your nautical themed wedding? Contact us today for more information.