So much goes into planning your wedding. Of course, it’s also a lot of fun from dress shopping to deciding which of your relatives to sit next to each other. You get to find the perfect ballroom or space for your reception at the Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor. One of the things you get to have fun with is picking out party favors to thank your guests for making your day even more special by attending. Here are a few ideas for party favors that they’ll love and get some use out of during your wedding and reception.


After a couple of hours on their feet, no one is going to feel like dancing, especially women in heels. As a party favor, you can set out baskets of flip flops, sandals or even slippers so that they can dance the night away. Make sure you get a variety of sizes and colors so that there’s something for everyone. You can even place a catchy sign above the basket.


If you’re having an outdoor wedding and reception, you definitely want a beautiful sunny day. However, that sunshine can get a little daunting. By the entrance to your event space fill baskets with parasols for guests to carry a little shade with them wherever they wander. You can find some fancy parasols in a variety of colors.

Escort Cards on Beer Bottles

Making sure everyone finds their table is essential if you’re having a sit-down meal. You can attach the escort cards to a beer bottle that the guests can take home with them. If your wedding location has a local brewing company, you can get bottles from there to make your reception reflect your hometown.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we love seeing all the cool party favors people come up with to hand out. Contact us for a tour of our property now.