There’s nothing like a good party! It might be your graduation party and a celebration of the end of four years of hard work. Or it might be a Sweet 16 and Quinceanera and your daughter wants to be a princess for one night. Or maybe it’s simply a chance to get your friends together for some food, music, dancing, and conversation. It doesn’t matter why, but everybody loves a fun party.

The problem, of course, is that planning for parties can be quite stressful. So many questions need to be answered. Where do you hold it? Will it have a theme? Is my venue properly decorated? What kind of music will the party have? Will the food be good and will there be enough of it? Trying to answer these questions and trying to keep the party costs affordable can often detract from your enjoyment. Sometimes, the thought of hosting any kind of party is so intimidating that many peopleare put off and simply do not throw their party at all.

But before you are daunted by all the planning and costs of a party, consider holding your party in the Crystal Ballroom Casselberry. The Crystal Ballroom is Orlando’s hidden jewel– its premier party and event location that will help you throw the best party ever.

Not only does the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry provide you with a venue, but it can also provide other party needs as well. It offers the usual chairs and tables, but unlike other places, the Crystal Ballroom also offers linens, center-pieces and other decor. The Crystal Ballroom can also provide general venue decor and centerpieces in multiple styles to suit your taste. The Crystal Ballroom can also provide catering with its preferred caterer, Chef 1 Studios. If you have your own caterer in mind, you are also welcome to bring your own to the Crystal Ballroom. Finally, the Crystal Ballroom will help you plan your party as well.

So contact us and we’ll help you plan the best party of your life!