Florida is a place of warmth, of magic, of palm trees, flamingos, and lots of culture and lots of parties!

Did someone say parties? Yes we did!

Since there is no party bigger than your wedding, we want you to consider booking our Florida ballroom for yours.

We have spectacular rooms, and we’ll decorate them to your specifications, with linens and covered chairs, inside or outside, with perfect lighting and canopies.

We have in-house catering available, but if you have your heart set on someone in particular, that is fine too! We are flexible, and only want you to have everything you want on your wedding day. We welcome outside catering!

We have a beautiful and large hardwood dance floor, a DJ ready sound system, a vintage bar and an elegant coffee service available to accommodate any of your needs.

Contact us today because we have been called the “hidden jewel” of Orlando. We know that you want your event space to match the love you’ll be celebrating, and the new bling you’ll be showing everyone. That wedding ring is something to be proud of. Show it off, girl, and book a venue that is equally as impressive.

We also have event packages to help you decide what you want and what you need for your wedding day. Almost anything can be made real for you. Really, Disney is not the only place in Orlando that can make your dreams come true, or the only magical place in the world. Your wedding day deserves magic. It deserves warmth and sunshine and, well, anything you want.