There are always last minute things that go wrong at big events. Maybe the caterer is late or the goldfish won’t swim. Maybe the DJ gets sick or the napkins can’t be found. Whatever it is, you and your loved ones should be preparing for the celebration, not problem solving.

Leave the coordinating to our Crystal Ballroom wedding coordinator and they will see that everything runs smoothly. Sometimes it’s more about what you’re looking at than what is actually happening. If you are getting dressed, putting on your makeup, kissing your father on the cheek, letting your mom clasp your pearls, drinking champagne with your bridesmaids, then the day will be perfect.

Months before your wedding day, you will meet with our wedding coordinator and divulge all your wedding desires. You will figure out a plan and the wedding coordinator will make it happen.

At the end of the day, your job is to say, “I do” and to dance, to eat cake, to hug a lot of people you love. It’s to merge families, to throw your flowers in the air and watch the single ladies dive. It’s to laugh and be joyful.

It’s not to figure out where all the chairs go. Your friends and family shouldn’t even be doing that stuff. Please, contact us, browse our gallery, look at our testimonials, and come by and see for yourself why the Crystal Ballroom is the perfect place for your wedding. We’ll tell you a little bit here: it’s not just beautiful. It’s practical and full of wedding experts. We hope your wedding is perfect, and we would love to be part of making it so.