Thousands of anxious individuals will be heading off to college between now and September 2015. If someone in your family is expected to be a part of that movement towards higher learning, why not give him or her a send off to remember? Back-to-College parties are very trendy right now and our Orlando banquet hall staff is ready to help.

Back-to-College party etiquette is not set in campus stone. As such, some families choose to throw their college age children formal parties and others opt for a corporate casual affair. In addition, because kids leave for college at various times, the parties tend to take place on different days and times.

At The Crystal Ballroom, we are open weekdays and weekends. Therefore, families should feel free to choose a Back-to-College party date that works for them. The weekday parties are perfect for students that must move into the dorms over the course of a weekend. The weekend packages are ideal for Back-to-School parties planned well in advance.

Should guests be encouraged to bring gifts to a Back-to-College party? Our Orlando banquet hall party planners say, “Absolutely!” After all, first year college kids and graduating seniors are going to need items for their dorm rooms. Gift cards for restaurants, school supply stores, clothing retailers and grocery chains make welcome, Back-to-College gifts too. Of course the same may be said for computing supplies.

Members of our Orlando banquet hall team are available to meet with families hoping to host Back-to-College parties in the weeks ahead. We can present families with a number of all-inclusive, Back-to-College party packages that may bepersonalized to meet a particular student’s tastes. To learn more about what our Orlando banquet hall team can do to make Back-to-College events special, please contact The Crystal Ballroom’s professional staff today.