Baby showers are nothing like the ones once enjoyed by Gen Xers and their Baby Boomer parents. Millennials are literally turning the traditional diaper cake upside down and going with fun, and often eco-friendly, alternatives instead. Beyond pastels and little duckies, some of the hottest baby shower trends of this year have been:

  • Tea Parties and Popcorn Parties
  • Baby Book Parties and Woodland Animals Parties
  • Brunch Parties Mocktails Reception
  • Spa Parties and Guy-Gal Parties

And Millennial parents aren’t the only ones getting in on the act. It is also very trendy nowadays for dads and grandparents to have their own baby showers. Yes, we said grandparents and dads. After all, they get excited over a new baby’s expected arrival too.

We’ve also seen a resurgence in sprinkles. They are mini parties designed for parents who already have one child. Consequently, the parents tend to register for cash instead of traditional baby gifts. They may choose to shorten the event’s length and pick themes that lend themselves to a very casual feel (e.g. cocktail hours).

No matter which baby shower theme Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials choose to go with, we can accommodate them our Orlando ballroom. We have four-hour long, Baby Shower Specials that are designed to accommodate 74 people or less. Large baby showers or sprinkles are available at our Orlando ballroom too. However, they tend to cost a bit more than the special, which is currently priced at $1,500.

The Baby Shower Special is similar to our Sweet 16, Quinceanera Packages because they include consultation with a professional designer. The profession design on hand at our Orlando ballroom is more than happy to help soon-to-be parents, grandparents and others choose a trendy, baby shower theme. To learn more about hosting one of 2015’s hottest baby showers in Florida, please contact us at our Orlando ballroom.