What goes perfectly with Orlando ballrooms? Why beach themed mocktails of course! They are an excellent way to include the young and old into a beach wedding’s bar menu. And there are so many surf inspired mocktails to choose from too! We’ve listed a few below to consider along with some adult versions for the grownups on your Orlando wedding’s guest list. Bottoms up to the brides and grooms:

Salty Puppies for the Kiddos

In our opinion, salty puppies are the perfect mocktails for kids. Made with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, the irresistible flourish comes courtesy of the serving glass’ rim and a garnish. The rim is typically adored with sea salt, sugar and lime juice. As for the salty puppy’s garnish, many bartenders go with a citrus spiral or wedge. However, there’s nothing that says the kids wouldn’t enjoy something else. Examples include herbed ice cubes, candied fruits, paper parasols and homemade lollipops.

Safe Sex on the Beach for Couples

If you want things to get a bit risqué at your Orlando ballroom location, there are cheekier mocktails to put on to the menu. Safe sex on the beach is one of the most popular beverages we know of for such occasions. It’s a mixture of fruit juices topped with a classic, maraschino cherry. Bartenders may vary the juice lineup to accommodate couples’ individual tastes but the usual ingredients come from peaches, cranberries and some form of citrus. And a few mixologists will even go as far as rimming the glasses with tan sea salt or brown sugar to symbolize sand.

To speak with a specialist about these beachy mocktails and others perfect for Orlando’s ballroom scene, please contact us. Strategically placed throughout Florida, our venues are idea for beach-loving couples looking to wed or celebrate a special anniversary by the water.