You didn’t have a choice on what month your birthday would be in, but if you were born in a winter month, you can have an amazing birthday party each year. Now, that you’ve decided to hold your party at the Crystal Ballroom in Daytona Beach, you can bring in the food you love the most because of their generous open vendor policy. You can even make up some dishes yourself and bring them to the event location. You need to decide on a guest list, themes, birthday cake design, and food. Here are some ideas to make your winter birthday party a success.

Hot Chocolate Station

Give your guests a heaping helping of one of winter’s best treats. You can offer a variety of flavored chocolate, including dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. You can set out bottles of caramel, raspberry, and hot fudge syrups for added zest. Bowls of marshmallows, chocolate chips, and other fun additions to top off this delicious treat.

Chili Station

As the temperature dips, everyone loves a good bowl of chili to chase off the cold. You can offer several flavors of chili from super spicy to mild. Arrange bowls filled with toppings of grated cheese, additional peppers, and crackers and cornbread. You can offer cups and bowls so that your guests can get just the right amount.

Mac and Cheese Bar

Everyone loves mac and cheese, and this type of bar makes it easy to take a family favorite and dress it up. You can set out several pans of this cheesy treat with bowls around them. Next in line, place bowls with bacon bits, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and a variety of additional grated cheese. You can provide any add-ons that you can dream up.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we can help you create a beautiful winter birthday party and welcome your other vendors. Contact us now to learn more.