Although blushing brides traditionally carry flowers down the aisle, the beauty of the modern wedding is that each bride is free to express themselves in whatever form she chooses. Brides are no longer bound by tradition, and are coming up with creative and unique ways to set their Crystal Ballroom Wedding apart from other weddings. If you are not a real flowery girl, here are three creative alternatives to hold in lieu of a floral wedding bouquet.

The Hand of Your Beloved

While a bride traditionally walks to the altar alone, there is absolutely nothing that says she must. Consider how romantic it would be to walk down the aisle, hand in hand with the one you love.


Beautiful feathers are now being used everywhere. We see them a lot in home decor, and also in creative scrapbooking. Instead of a bunch of blossoms, find some beautiful plumes to carry. After the wedding, repurpose them to decorate your first home, or to create a beautiful scrapbook commemorating the beginning of your life together.

A Significant Book

Choosing to carry a book of significance down the aisle can not only add a very personal touch to your wedding, but can also be a cost-effective way of stretching your wedding dollar. Some brides choose to carry a Bible, a Psalter, or a hymnbook. No matter what volume you choose to carry, be sure to pick one that is of appropriate size, and of exquisite taste.

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with carrying absolutely nothing at all. Remember, your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom is about you and your beloved. It is not about your decor, your music, your guests, or your flowers.

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