There’s nothing more exciting than a momentous birthday in a teenager’s life, such as a sweet 16 or the big 18. It’s the time to have a big, blow out party and invite everyone you know, which makes holding the party at Crystal Ballroom in Metro West a must. Of course, you want every detail to be perfect. When it comes to a teenager’s birthday party, there are a few things that you need to include.

Signature Drink

Teens love the idea of mocktails, cocktails without any alcohol in them. It makes them feel all grown up. When planning a teen’s birthday party, work with the caterer to design a signature drink that bares your child’s name. You can add a mixture of their favorite fruit or aim for a favorite color.

Candy Table

Teenagers are really just taller children when it comes to candy (so are adults, but we won’t tell). Fill the table with a mixture of chocolates, sour candy and hard candies so that there is something for everyone. Set out bags or take-out cartons for guests to take some home with them to eat after the party.

Midnight Snack

Hours after the buffet, these teenagers will be tired and hungry from hours of dancing and partying. This is a great time for the caterer to circulate with a small snack. You can arrange for small baskets of fries, mini waffles and chicken or cookies and milk for this snack course. It doesn’t need to be anything too elaborate.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we’re ready to help you create the party of your child’s dreams. Contact us today for a tour of the property.