It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a Sweet 16, anniversary party or a wedding, you want to send your guests home with a few party favors from their evening at the Crystal Ballroom. You want these items to be things that they’ll actually use and enjoy after your big day and not just end up collecting dust. More and more party planners are creating party favor tables and asking guests to take one of each item that they’ll use. This lets the guests select what they like. Here are some of the current trends in party favors.

Homemade Jams and Jellies

These party favors are great for a almost any party theme but especially when the theme is rustic. Using half pint mason jars, you can make up some homemade jelly and jams in a variety of flavors. If jam making isn’t your thing, you can contact someone you know or someone at the local farmer’s market to make them up for you.

Liquor Bottles

If your party is for the over 21 crowd, you can create party favors that include the airline size liquor bottles. You can take a highball glass, a small bottle of Jack Daniels and a small bottle of coke and package them together. You can also set out airline size bottles of your favorite wine or champagne for your guests to enjoy a toast to their own happiness at home.

Candy Tables

Most people love candy, and some harbor a secret sweet tooth. When you work with a caterer who knows about design, you can create a candy table that looks like a dream candy store. With large lollipops and glass jars filled with sour and sweet candies, this table will draw your guest to it. You can set out bags or cartons for your guests to fill up and take home with them.

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