Planning your wedding day is one of the most exciting and daunting things that you’ll ever do. There are so many decision to make from your banquet hall in Orlando and invitations to flowers and dresses. You’ve put aside your childish dreams of a wedding and read all the bridal magazines to weed out the latest trends. One of the centerpieces of your wedding day is the cake. Before you visit the baker to try out flavors, here are some of the hottest 2016 trends in wedding cakes.

Naked Cakes

This is one of the latest crazes. Brides are leaving off the heavy fondant, gorgeous flowers and other details in exchange for letting their guests see the cake layers and fillings. With these cakes, the beauty and decoration is generally in the filling from juicy pieces of fruit to bright splotches of color from sprinkles. In some cases, the cakes are dusted with a layer of powdered sugar and a few decorations adorn the top.


Many brides are adding lace to their weddings. Many of the new styles of wedding gowns gain a vintage feel by adding delicate lace. This trend has now moved to wedding cakes. Brides can bring in pieces of vintage lace to add to the cake or ask that the lace be made from fondant and draped on the cake.

Multiple Cakes

If you’re having a large wedding, this might appeal to you. Instead of having one cake with an impossible number of tiers, brides are ordering three, four and sometimes five single and double tiered wedding cakes. This gives the bride the option of providing multiple flavors with a central design connecting the cakes to each other.

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