Your wedding is an all day affair for you and your guests. Of course, you’re going to get up earlier than everyone else and start your hair and makeup. However, your guests are going to arrive early for the ceremony at the Crystal Ballroom in Almonte Springs, attend the ceremony, enjoy cocktail hour, eat their meals, dance the night away and then go home worn out. A wedding can be tiring and burn a lot of calories. For this reason, you might consider offering your guests a party favor that gives them a boost of energy to make it home. Here are some midnight snacks party favor ideas to consider.

Donuts and Milk

Find an elegant fold down gift bag to place the donuts and milk inside of and secure. You can buy bags of the mini donuts and small single-serving cartons of milk. Use small bags to place three to five donuts inside and seal it. Place the bags of donuts and a milk carton in each gift bag so that guests can grab one and go.

Kid’s Meal

At one time or another, every adult has ordered a kid’s meal at the drive-thru for themselves. For a midnight snack party favor, work with the caterer to make gourmet hamburger sliders and wrap them individually and sleeves of french fries. You can add a small bottled soda or makeup chocolate shakes in small cups with lids. Please one each of the items in a square box that resembles a kid’s meal box and set them out for guests to take with them.


Work with the caterer to create a small taco party favor for your guests to eat on the way home. You can make the standard beef tacos or branch out into something a little more exotic, such as chicken, shrimp or fish tacos. You can wrap the tacos individually and set them out on trays with signs identifying the meat in each. Place a stack of bags beside the trays and let the guests choose their own.

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