Before ever dreaming about their weddings, Latin American girls dream about their Quinceaneras. Years before their fifteenth birthdays they often have a strong sense of what they want from their celebration. Whatever visions your daughter has for her coming-of-age party, here are a few suggestions to enhance the look of the venue. They can be adapted for any theme.

Use string lights

String lights are a great way to pull the room together and create a festive but classy atmosphere. Use them on exterior pathways, doorways, ceilings, or even as a table centerpiece.

Combine tulle and white lighting

Cover white lights with tulle (or other sheer fabric), then wrap it around the stair railings for a beautiful, feminine touch. Get creative about where else to wrap your tulle, like the arms of your chairs, or even table legs.


Balloons might seem juvenile, but they can be a great way to welcome the crowds. Use balloons in the party color scheme to form an arch around the doorway for a welcoming entrance. Set up a second “faux” balloon archway to use as a backdrop for photographs. Also consider neon balloons for the dance floor ceiling.

Aisle runner

A glamorous, but simple, extra touch. Using multiple aisle runners is a great way to add some structure and pattern to a big room.

If you want to throw the party of your daughter’s dreams, trust us to make her visions of her quinceanera venue decorationsa reality. Contact us today to start planning.