Weddings take a lot of planning. It’s likely that you’ve been planning yours for your whole life. You’ve thought about bouquets. You’ve saved photos of dresses and centerpieces. You’ve browsed wedding magazines while in line at the grocery store, skimming articles to find out what is in season now.

Well, according to, we can all relax. 2016 has brought wedding trends that remind of the natural things in life: the brightest colors offering pizzazz and fun, flowers picked fresh and arranged organically instead of pruned and cut according to someone else’s wedding photo, themes and details based on the V.I.C. (very important couple’s) personality, eclectic styles that speak to reality instead of rigid one-way wedding streets where everything has to stay within two white lines.

Basically, this year we are finally seeing people being people. We are seeing couples being couples, love blooming and creating its own events. We are seeing weddings that let go of perfection, and we are finding that perfection comes true when love is the day’s focus.

Welcome to our ballroom wedding venues, where whatever you want can be made true. Where we have seen years and years of events, met thousands of people, yet still hold your day important. When your day is here, it is the only day, one that you will remember, one that you will love, one that we can help you put together from simple ideas inspired by nothing but you.

Contact us because we are excited about weddings and we want to show you what we can do when your love is the inspiration.