When planning a wedding in Orlando, FL, many brides find it easy to find cheap wedding venues, but most couples are seeking affordable wedding venues in Orlando, FL! Who wouldn’t like to have a classy wedding? Finding a less than classy experience is not hard to come by, but that’s not what the wedding staff at the Crystal Ballroom wants for their guests!

With this in mind, the Crystal Ballroom has come onto the scene of wedding planning and provided an excellent solution to this dilemma that many soon-to-be-wed couples face.

The Crystal Ballroom not only provides a beautiful venue with a classy backdrop, but with the resources provided, a couple can rest easy and have the wedding of their dreams put together with very little of their own tedious work!

The Crystal Ballroom not only can provide top-notch decor, but also can provide other services, such as a bartender, DJ set up, and even a Wedding Coordinator to help them plan, put together, and execute the big day!

It’s easy to plan a fabulous, affordable wedding with the help of the Crystal Ballroom! This “one stop shop” makes it easy for any bride and groom to put together the perfect theme, mood, lighting, and more! Any curious couple needs only ask to any of our past couples about how amazing their wedding turned out to be!

The staff at the Crystal Ballroom and ready, willing, and able to help any engaged couple plan and put together the most elegant wedding of their dreams!

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