Looking for a ballroom banquet hall at which to hold a formal event for your business or civic organization? Yes, you could go ahead and book the typical fall-back venue, a ballroom at a local hotel, but anyone who has ever been to an event at a hotel-style venue knows that they tend to be all about the same.

If you really want to up your game and impress your guests, consider hosting your next event at a venue that continually knocks the socks off of our clients: the Crystal Ballroom. Because special events are our passion, we have, over the last several years, become the premier event venue in Orlando, with our glamorous ballrooms, impeccable service, and creative event designers.

Whether your company is looking for a way to impress potential clients or potential business partners, or your civic organization is looking for a spectacular location for hosting a fundraiser, the staff and service at the Crystal Ballroom is sure to create a memorable experience for your guests, that will inspire confidence in your business or organization.

“Money talks” is a rather famous idiom in our language. While it is often said in jest, there is quite a lot of truth in this expression. Where you choose to host a special event can say a lot about you or your organization. Fortunately, when it comes to where you host your next special event, your chosen venue doesn’t have to break the bank. Only you will know the truth about just how affordable hosting a special event at the Crystal Ballroom can be.

Ready to impress your contacts by planning a formal event at the Crystal Ballroom? Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!