One thing that makes any ballroom event more elegant is the use of the tall ceilings, yet people often forget about this valuable asset which our ballroom has.

Ballroom decoration ideas usually include centerpieces, lighting, flowers, and chair covers, but we urge you to use every piece of our ballroom to your advantage.

How, you ask, do we use our ceilings as more than just shelter from weather?

Well, we often hang drapery from our ceilings to create an extra piece of elegance. Ceiling decor is often unexpected, and so will make your event seem even more special. The drapery softens light that shines from above and creates texture to an otherwise lifeless space.

Drapery hung from ceilings can help to make a large room feel cozier, and can help to draw the eye to a certain point in the room. For example, when all drapery meets in the middle of the room, where perhaps the cake table is, it will draw the eye in to the glamorous cake that you, no doubt, have ensured for your event. Drapery can be incorporated outside of the ceiling as well; using it elsewhere helps to draw the ceiling into the rest of the room. An example of drapery elsewhere would be using it to create a tent or canopy around one table in particular, such as the bridal party’s table.

Still not sold on drapery? Contact us for more ideas, or browse our website which is full of photos where we have used our ceilings for their full potential.