Mother of the bride helping her daughter get dressed.

Mother of the bride helping her daughter get dressed.

Planning a wedding can be even more challenging when your mother and father live far away. However, when you choose a destination like banquet halls in sunny Orlando, you and your long-distance parents will find that those extra miles can be an advantage instead of a hardship.

Come for a visit!

Of course, modern technology makes it easy to stay in touch online, but there’s no substitute for getting together in person. Plus, who doesn’t want a reason to come to Florida more often? Spend time with your parents before your wedding day by planning trips for shopping, sampling the menu items, and consulting with various vendors. Naturally, you’ll also want to come and preview your wedding venue too. At the Crystal Palace in Orlando, we’d be delighted to show you any of our fabulous ballrooms.

Split up the work. 

No matter where your parents live, they probably want to do all they can to help with your wedding, and you may be counting on their assistance. We’ll work with you to coordinate all the tasks.

Communicate effectively. 

We can also help you keep your parents engaged and updated. As we stay on top of all the arrangements, you’ll be able to assure your parents that everything is shaping up beautifully every step of the way. Plus, even when they’re back home, your parents can browse the galleries and other features on our website so they can stay in the loop.

Having your wedding in Orlando is a great choice, and it gets even better when you pick a premier venue like the Crystal Ballroom. Whether you live close by or far away, we’ll help you have an amazing and memorable experience with less stress than you ever thought possible. Contact us today to get started.