If you are looking for romantic touches for your upcoming wedding, light can make all of the difference. If the lighting options available at your wedding venue of choice are decent but might need something extra, there are some lighting options that you can bring in yourself. Here are three alternative light options you can add to your reception space for the romantic touch you are looking for.

1. Strings of Lights

Strings of lights that are normally used for holiday decor can bring a warm, romantic feel to your event without much cost or prep. If you opt for LED lights, these won’t get as hot and can be strung throughout your venue. Another option is to bunch these together can place in large vases for low lighting without having to bring in additional lamps.

2. Battery-Operated Candles

If you love the look of candles but are worried about the fire hazard this could cause, battery-operated candles can give off the same glow and will be a safer option. Battery-operated candles will also last for the entirety of your reception and won’t burn out like a traditional candle would. Candles can be found in different sizes and colors depending on your needs and table decor pairings.

3. Covering Existing Lights With Fabrics

If the lighting in your venue or ballroom just feels too bright for your event, you can filter out some of the lighting by layering fabrics over lights. Be sure that this doesn’t come in contact directly with bulbs and is draped low enough for safety. Consult your ballroom wedding venue host before covering lights without permission.

If you love your wedding venue but would like to tweak the lighting available, there are some easy options you can incorporate. Be sure to check in with your wedding venue to make sure you can utilize your light option of choice. If you are looking for the right wedding venue for your event, contact us to review options that might fit your needs.