Flair bartending has literally been around for decades. However, in recent years it has taken on a whole new level of cool. As such, people of all ages want to have unforgettable, flair bartenders work a variety of events at Florida ballrooms. Unfortunately, those types of bartenders can be hard to find. Therefore, the keys to success are knowing what to look for in both a bartender and a Florida ballroom.

For instance, did you know that there are no educational prerequisites to become a flair bartender? That’s right. And as far as certificates from flair bartending schools go, the skills needed for graduation varies. So, they’re no guarantees that certified bartenders will be flair extraordinaires either.

What we can safely say is that most experienced individuals tend to have their own flair kits and a list of references. The kits typically include a mixing tin, one flair bottle and a short shaker. They are enough materials to perform the basics at Florida ballrooms, including grips, tosses, drops and grabs.

In regards to the flair bartenders’ references, it is best to check out all of them and speak with the Florida ballroom staff for further confirmation. Oftentimes, staff members have first-hand knowledge of a bartender’s skills and can make invaluable recommendations. Of course that’s providing the staff members work at the best ballrooms in Florida.

The most expedient way to find them is to contact us today. At the Crystal Ballroom, we know all about the best flair bartenders in Florida and where to locate them. In addition, we’ve got the number one party venues at our disposal. So, amateur and professional planners alike can count on having more than just an excellent, flair bartender. They can also rely on having the best of everything our region’s hospitality venues can offer.