These days, it’s increasingly becoming the norm for new parents to wait a while before allowing friends and families to visit with the newborn. The main reason being that new parents want to use those early days to bond with the newborn as much as possible. Hence, they don’t want any visitors to come by and intrude on the time that they’re using to get to know their baby. New parents might wait a few weeks, or perhaps even an entire month, before introducing the baby to all of the relatives.

Turn it Into a Grand Occasion

If you are choosing to wait a while before allowing family to see your newest bundle of joy, you might want to make a big occasion out of introducing the baby to the entire family by throwing a party. However, being that you and yoursignificant other are likely to be sleep-deprived parents, it’s probably best to not throw the party at your place.

Choose a Nice Venue

Parties are fun for the entire family. However, the cleaning up part can be a total downer. So why not choose a nice venue that will take care of the cleaning for you? Have a blast introducing your newborn to the entire family at our Orlando party hall. Then once the party’s over, leave the cleaning to our staff. That way, your only major task is to make sure you drive safely to ensure that your new bundle of joy gets home safe and sound. To book a party for your newborn to meet everyone in the family, contact us today.