When searching for inexpensive wedding venues in Orlando, don’t forget about ones that include bodies of water.Waterscapes have long inspired thoughts of romance and as such, can help make any Florida wedding special. One place that has romantic, lakeside weddings spots is Altamonte Springs.

Situated in Seminole County, it is where thrifty couples will find the Crystal Ballroom. We are one of the most affordable, lakeside wedding spots in the entire region. And unlike other lakeside spots, we are easy for wedding guests to get to by plane, bus, rail or other multi-modal means. Plus, there are more than 25 places near our inexpensive venue where wedding guests can hang up their reception outfits for the night. Some of them have lake views too.

Views of the water at our inexpensive wedding venue are never in short supply. The serene lake may be seen from both indoor and outdoor locations. As such, couples won’t need to fear guests being seated in areas with unfortunate scenery. Everyone will be able to enjoy all the beauty that traditionally comes with a waterfront wedding.

Also please note that entire wedding packages may be built around a water theme. We work with excellent caterers who would be delighted to come up with hors d’oeuvres, main dishes, side dishes and beverages that hint of romantic moments on a lake. For instance, perhaps guests would enjoy dining on trout or freshwater clams. They’d taste wonderful with rice, pasta and seasonal vegetables.

Table decorations may be utilized to carry the watery theme throughout the day’s events too. For example, lotus plants submerged in water and cool toned linens would help complete a lakeside look. To learn more about inexpensive wedding venues that include memorable views of the water, please contact our Crystal Ballroom team today for all the details.