There is something extremely romantic about exchanging your marriage vows surrounded by gentle ocean breezes, the sounds of the surf, and your closest friends and family members. While beaches all along the coast continue to be a popular choice for couples looking to exchange their vows, the Daytona shoreline in particular is one of the most spectacular options. The neutrality of Daytona’s light beige sand can be the perfect canvas on which you can create a colorful scene for the exchange of your vows, but adding that color can be a little tricky.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with several suggestions for adding color to a beautiful, but neutral environment.

Create a Focal Point

Of course, all eyes will be focused on the happy couple, however you may wish to create a focal point to help you define your wedding space. Your focal point could be a wedding arch or a simple pergola, but use this focal point as an opportunity to add color to your beach wedding. For example, drape colorful ribbons or swaths of breezy fabric from your pergola, or entwine vibrant flowers into your wedding arch.

Go Bold

In order to maximize the impact of your chosen wedding colors, consider choosing bright, vibrant hues. Since many of the colors that naturally occur at the beach are neutral earth tones, choose bold colors over pale pastels.

Don’t Skimp on the Bouquets

One of the easiest ways to incorporate color into your wedding is through the use of flowers. When choosing flowers for a beach wedding, don’t be afraid to choose large bouquets. Single stems may be romantic during a dating relationship, but when planning the wedding of your dreams, it’s time to go big, or go home. Pick large, full blooms for maximum impact.

Establish an Aisle

The aisle that the bride is to walk down to meet her groom is a perfect opportunity to add a splash of color. Consider using a brightly colored runner, or lining the aisle with flower petals.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we have the experience needed to give our clients the beach weddings and destination weddings of their dreams. For more information about our new ballroom in Daytona Beach, or for more ideas for planning a colorful seaside celebration, contact us today!