It’s easy to understand why Florida ballrooms are a popular venue for destination weddings. Couples from all over the world flock to the Sunshine State to exchange their vows, and many of them have to fly to get here. That kind of long distance air travel can be rough on your skin and hair, so here are a few tips to keep you looking sensational.

What to pack: Sure, it can be challenging to get your beauty products through airport security. Plan ahead by buying tiny travel sizes or small plastic containers you can fill each trip. Bring a big empty water bottle, and ask a flight attendant to fill it so you can stay hydrated. Remember to include a mirror and hand wipes too.

How to care for your skin: Dry cabin air and high altitudes may undo the spa treatments many brides indulge in. Mist your skin frequently, and apply a heavy moisturizer. Slather on the sunscreen, especially if you’re in a window seat with the shade open.

How to care for your hair: Static electricity builds up on long flights, especially if your hair tends to be naturally dry. Fight back by applying an intensive leave-in moisturizer before you board, and keep your hair up in a bun. Dry powdered shampoo is also great for a fast touch up shortly before landing.

How to look great on arrival: Maybe you’re going someplace special straight from the airport or you want to look pretty in a few impromptu shots of you stepping off the plane at your wedding destination. Stylish sunglasses and glossy lips are a quick way to look like a movie star. With a little more work, you can apply cream style cosmetics that go on smoother and let you use your fingers instead of carrying brushes.

Reducing stress is also a surefire way to help you look your best, and that’s our mission at the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando. Contact us today to find out more about our gorgeous ballrooms, expert staff, and fabulous wedding packages.