It certainly seems like planning a party shouldn’t involve so many decisions from choosing your venue in Orlando to deciding on a menu for the caterer. Even with the services of a party planner, there are still a lot of things that you have to make a final decision on. This includes graduation parties, special birthday parties, anniversaries and weddings. If you’re down to making decisions about the food to serve, here are some of the hot trends for food carts and stations this year.

Taco Station

Taco stations offer you a lot of versatility. You can offer several types of proteins, such as steak, beef, chicken and fish. This station can include a variety of toppings, such as cheeses, sour cream, salsa and hard and soft shells. With a variety of fresh cut vegetables, these tacos are customizable to each guest’s personal taste.

Popcorn Cart

Popcorn is an all time favorite snack food. You can offer plain, buttered, Kettle corn and candied popcorns. If you’re planning a rustic theme, you can utilize wooden crates and buckets to hold the types of popcorn. You can leave out popcorn bags and buckets like you find at the movie theater, and let guests help themselves to whatever they want.

Candy Table

Everyone loves candy. A candy table can be filled with a variety of colors, sizes and flavors. You can also use this table as a party favor table, giving each guest a bag or Chinese take out carton to fill with sweets and take home after the party. You can add a variety of lollipops, sour candies and packaged items for people to take with them.

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