Nerds need love too, so it’s a very special thing when two souls can join over a shared love of all things sci-fi. After all, at the end of the day, we are all just a group of atoms floating around in space.

That’s why we’ve pulled together these ideas for a totally nerd-centric wedding celebration.

The Food: Channel Heston Blumenthal, the father of molecular gastronomy. Surprise and delight your guests with weird and wonderful concoctions, where the show is just as important as the taste.

The Look: From Lego pieces as your bouquet to a Princess Leia-esque do, your imagination is the only limitation to perfecting your Nerd Bride look.

The Location: Choose the most out of this world location you can get your hands on. A desert, volcanic lava field, a rocky bare mountainside or a disused junk yard. Your photos will be amazing and totally unique. Make sure you take the time afterward to create some surreal photoshop scenes of aliens attacking and storm troopers attending the ceremony.

The Reception: Just because your guests and caterer will probably need an indoor, easy to reach location to receive you after the vows, doesn’t mean you are stuck with a traditionally decorated ballroom. Some imaginative decor and well placed lights means the newlyweds can make a grand entrance from the teleporter and have their first dance on the holodeck.

The First Dance: Make sure you and your husband have a coordinated, intergalactic Robot dance choreographed to blow your guests away and solidify your new status as husband and wife. The more awkward you are, the better!

The Honeymoon: If your budget can stretch far enough, delay your honeymoon until Moon Tourism starts up for the general public. Otherwise, take a trip to the gathering place of all nerds – Comic Con.

Live long and prosper!


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