Banquet halls are everywhere in Orlando. It’s a big city with lots of different people. So how on Earth are you supposed to choose one for your event?

Here, we will go through a few of the things we think you should consider before booking a banquet hall.

  1. Look at the outside and the inside. When it comes to celebrations, it’s not all about the seating area. The drive should be pleasant. The walk from the parking lot into the banquet itself should be magical. It should be full of beautiful landscaping and pleasant aromas. Then, the place where eating, drinking, and dancing will happen is certainly important too. Make sure it’s big enough, but not too big. It should be just right.
  2. Talk with the staff. Make sure you understand the price and the services you’ll receive for that price. Make sure that you have specified your desires. Check and double check that everything is written down according to your specifications.
  3. Look at past events held in the banquet hall. All banquet halls should have some kind of gallery where you can see photos from events they have hosted. Is the lighting right? Are the tables all set beautifully? Do all of the decorations match?

We invite you to contact us because our Orlando banquet hall has everything you need for a grand celebration. Our staff will greet you and help you. They will decorate for you and cater for you. They will serve drinks and ensure that everything is up to par with your desires. We pride ourselves on offering a one-stop-shop, easy and elegant experience for our guests!