Sixteen years is a long time. It means that not only has your daughter learned to talk and walk, but to drive and make friends and do Algebra. They know a lot about life, but they’re also still young and have a long life to live ahead of them.

So, the Sweet 16th Birthday Party should be special. Seek out a venue that can help make it exactly what you need. Talk to your daughter and figure out exactly what she wants. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Sweet things. Think a “candy bar” where multiple candies are displayed in jars and vases and fancy bowls, set out for sweet snacking. Think a hot chocolate bar or an ice cream bar depending on the season. Think “sweet notes” from friends that encourage her and tell how they value her friendship.
  • It doesn’t have to be pink. We often go straight for pink things when we think about girls, and when we think about the Sweet 16. But any color can be feminine. Aqua and orange is a tremendous, popping color combination. So is yellow and lime green. So is plum and peach. So is black and white and red. If your daughter wants pink, give it to her! But if she wants something a little less obvious, get excited. The possibilities are endless!
  • Consider a theme. Maybe it’s a classy, formal dress, tie required, kind of party. Maybe it’s a costume party where the most creative costume gets a prize, or a tiki bar party, where no one wears shoes and everyone is given leis and grass skirts to wear over their clothes. Themes always bring laughter and make memories!

Contact us because we have thrown more events than we can count. Well, we have kept records, so we could count them. But we have thrown a lot of parties and we would love to help with yours!