Of course, there are many pieces to planning a birthday party, and when the birthday party is a quinceanera, these decisions are even more important. 15 years. 15 años. What a beautiful milestone.

You have to find the perfect, most beautiful dress. You have to decide on colors and flowers. You have to decide on decor: fun and modern or classic and traditional? Some of these decisions may be simple. Maybe they have been planned for years.

Yet, there is one decision that affects all the others. One decision that can make all the details fall into place or break the entire event. That decision is this: where will the celebration be held?

The location is more than the space where you’ll dance and eat. It’s the place you’ll drive up to. It’s the place where you’ll take photos. It’s the place you’ll walk away from and either feel amazing, like geese are climbing up your arms and making you shiver from the beauty of the event, or it’s the place you’ll leave and feel like you should have thought about a little more.

At our Crystal Ballrooms, we know that venues for quinceaneras can be tricky to find. You want it to be memorable, perfect.

We invite you to contact us. Take a look at our online photo gallery. Browse through photos of all the events we’ve hosted. Come on down and see the grounds for yourself. Ask yourself how you feel about our timeless elegance, our one-stop-shop offer where you tell us exactly what you want and we make it happen. Think about our event center, where you’re not just getting a building but an entire team who is on your side, willing to help make all your details fall into place on one perfect day when you celebrate your little girl.