While there are many different types of banquet halls in Orlando, Florida, these venues are not all alike. When making a decision about where to hold a party, wedding reception, convention or other important gathering, one should look for a banquet hall that has the largest number of amenities that are designed to make planning the event easier and most affordable.

The first impression that one gets when walking into a banquet hall, should be a positive one. If a bar is present, it should be polished-looking and have character. If dancing is planned, one should be impressed with the appearance of a well-maintained dance floor. An excellent sound system should also be available. If coffee or tea is to be served, the service sets should be beautiful and in perfect condition. These details can make the difference between a memorable event and an ordinary one.

Being able to customize a banquet hall is important, in terms of making sure everyone is comfortable, and that everything fits properly without seeming too crowded or unbalanced. Therefore, using a venue that provides different sizes of tables is important in the overall planning of the event.

When considering a venue for an event that includes food, choosing a banquet hall that uses formal china is preferable to the one that uses plastic champagne flutes or plain, unattractive dishes. Other considerations include the types of chairs used. For instance, a beautifulChiavari chair can provide a true feeling of luxury over a simple folding chair, and will assure a more comfortable seating arrangement. The use of fine table linens used can also go far to step things up and impart a high-class, sophisticated touch to the décor.

Glaring overhead lights can take away from the ambience of an event. When considering which venue to go with, consider whether or not adjustable lighting and up lighting are available. This can make a huge difference in making the banquet hall look special and welcoming for attendees.

Those venues that have on-site event planners can assure that everything goes smoothly, but more importantly, can take much of the work and worry off the shoulders of the hosts of the events.

If you are planning a special event and are considering which banquet hall to use, please contact us to schedule an appointment to view one of our beautiful ballrooms.