It’s not hard to learn about banquet halls in Orlando, FL, but how much do you really know? The answer might shock you.

As you look for a place for an evening of dining and festivity, you may be directed to places with “banquet” in the name, but not in their core values. Some so-called banquet halls have a primary mission of selling you their food rather than creating a memorable evening that reflects your tastes and needs.

The Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, Florida is the premiere venue for banquet events. Don’t be fooled by the word “ballroom.” Many of the signature events in its multiple lavish ballrooms focus on speaking and dining rather than music and dancing. The business prides itself on hosting events that go far beyond the weddings and birthday celebrations you may have attended there. Panel discussions with luncheons, full business conferences with awards dinners, tributes and retirement parties are part of the tradition of excellence at this local treasure. You can see by the photos on the site that the rooms are magnificent.

To be honest, some banquet halls are slightly dreary. The typical hotel multipurpose room is the last thing you want for your significant banquet event. You can see by the photos on the site that the rooms at the Crystal Ballroom are magnificent. A site visit will prove to you that the environment pictures will not just shine in the photos taken at your event, but will also create the atmosphere you want for all who are in attendance. An elegant space is an intelligent and celebratory space.

The Crystal Ballroom is the venue where you can bring in the perfect caterer or restaurant to suit the meal preferences of your group. You care not stuck with a limited list of food partners or a hotel kitchen. This establishment dedicates itself to service and detail. If your banquet is an evening affair, enjoy the vintage bar and sophisticated coffee service. The event planners at the Crystal Ballroom will help you plan the perfect cocktail hour in the perfect location for your group.

If you do want dancing, that’s easily arranged on the beautiful hardwood floors.

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