Planning a birthday party, special anniversary or wedding reception has dozens of components and many decisions that need to be made even when working with a party planner. One thing you want to make sure that gets done is selecting party favors for your guests to take with them as a small token of your appreciation of their attendance. More and more people are seeking party favors that their guests will really enjoy. Here are a few ideas to use at your party at the Crystal Ballroom.


If you’re planning an evening of dancing, this is one party favor that every woman in heels will love. Right before the dancing begins you can bring out containers filled with flip-flops in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns for all of your guests to choose a pair and change into them for an evening of dancing. This is one favor that’ll get a lot of use.


Since you live in the Orlando area, you already know that you’ll be hosting quite a few out-of-town guests. Since part of their time in the city will be spent at your party, you can include Orlando souvenirs as a party favor. You can include things, such as shot glasses, snow globes, t-shirts and key chains for guests to choose from.


This is a great gift for you’re out-of-town guests as well. You can fill up a table with a variety of postcards from Orlando, Disney and Cape Canaveral. Your guests can pick through them and take a few to send home to friends. If you go to the post office ahead of time, you can include a postcard stamp on each one.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we’re ready to help you out any way we can. Contact us today for more information.