If you are looking for a unique, amazing and one of a kind place to host your Wedding Ceremony and Reception then look no further. You have just come across a very informative piece of literature that will point you in all the right directions.

Most party planners will admit to you that the planning of any special event, including wedding ceremonies and receptions, can be overwhelming and a bit stressful. And in most cases a lot of unexpected hurdles, you did not even know existed, will come at you from every direction. And in almost every case you will hear brides and party planners telling you how they went “way over budget”. Well here at The Crystal Ballroom we have designed all our wedding ceremony and reception packages exclusively so we could help you stay on time, come in under budget and remain stress free. We are here to take the “Stress and Mess” out of your event planning so you can get back to the basics, which is to have a good time and enjoy your day with your friends and family.


Imagine having your own designers and design team to help bring your vision for your wedding ceremony and reception to life before your very own eyes. Just think how amazing it would be to come to The Crystal Ballroom Design Studios three months before your special day and work with the designers on the perfect table scape for your wedding ceremony and reception. Well that is exactly what we do! We can do  almost any theme you can imagine, Themes like: A day in Paris, A Masquerade Ball, Secret Gardens, Ostrich Feather Towers, Manzanita Trees with Crystals and Orchids, Winter Wonderland, Classic Crystal Candelabras, Zebra and Leopard Themes, Peacock Feather Themes, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and so much more. You see, when you have a team of people who are trained to meet every need you have and to exceed every expectation you have an enormous sense of relief and satisfaction begin to replace the small sense of uncertainty you may have been feeling up to that point.

Lets touch on another super valid and relevant topic, your cuisine. What on earth will you do for cuisine? Are you willing to pay $18-$25 per person? Todays average caterering bill for about 100 guests will average out to $2000-$4000 if you use a mainstream caterer, which is what most venues are expecting you to do and use. You see, here at The Crystal Ballroom we have created an amazing new service that helps brides and part planners, which are on a budget, capture the best price for your cuisine. We offer what is called a Buffet Manager. A Buffet Manager will come in 2 hours before your event and set up the “House Chaffing Dishes” and prepare your buffet and all you have to do is make sure your favorite restaurant delivers your food to us at least 1 hour before the event. Yes, that is right, we will manage your cuisine for you and all you have to do is make sure the food is delivered hot and on time. We have some local favorite restaurants that we work with that have delivered, time and time again, hot, fresh and tasty food.  Now your $500 food investment looks like a $2500 buffet because your “Buffet Manager” is there to take care of everything instead of you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your guests. Your package will also include servers who will: Cut and serve your cake, chill and pour your formal toasting beverage (bring us your champagne), brew and manage the Vintage Coffee Bar (bring us your coffee, creamer and sugar), set-up the non-alcoholic beverage station (bring us the lemonade and ice tea and we will put it in our beautiful beverage dispensers) and we will also supply your glassware, plate ware and silverware.

And last but not least, your alcoholic beverages (if you want them). If what I have already mentioned above wasn’t tantalizing enough let’s discuss how easy and affordable it is to showcase delicious mixed drinks at your Amazing Wedding Ceremony and Reception Extravaganza. See, days before your event, like perhaps the Wednesday before your weekend extravaganza, you will deliver to the ballroom all the inventory for your party, including the ALCOHOL. Yes, that is right, you can provide your own alcohol and our certified licensed Bartender will set up the whole show for you! Bringing in your entire inventory and stock for your party days in advance certainly takes the pressure off of you and really allows you to get organized and prepared many days early so when your special day arrives you can be focused on looking great and feeling good instead of tying to remember if you have packed everything into the car that needs to be delivered.

Hosting a Wedding Ceremony and Reception at the Crystal Ballroom is all the rave in our surrounding communities.  We have one in Casselberry as well as Altamonte Springs and one in Metro-West is on the way. Our designs are amazing and the service is unbeatable. But, hands down, the flexibility we offer is probably what has made us so wildly successful in such a short period of time. Call us today to see is we have any dates available for you and check us out on the web at www.Crystal BallroomOrlando.com