It is a custom in America to have a big blow out party for a child’s sixteenth birthday. This day is celebrated by many family and friends, and it is a day that no one will soon forget. Celebrating a sweet 16 party at the crystal ballroom is a fantastic way to honor any child’s big day.

There are so many things to get organized for a party of this magnitude. Let the crystal ballroom take some of the stress off your shoulders by offering staff to handle many of the party arrangements. The crystal ballroom will provide amazing staff to help with everything, and we offer many amenities that will help your party run smoothly. With all of the essentials in place, this party will be one that will be talked about for years to come.

When you celebrate a child’s sweet sixteenth birthday, you invite all the family, and many friends and neighbors. Instead of having all of the work and organizing on your shoulders, spend this time really enjoying the party with all of the guests. Take a deep breath, and know that everything will be fantastic. Now that you have someone to help with all of the work, you can make some memories with your child on their first day of turning sixteen. What better way to celebrate such a milestone.

For more information on planning your child’s big day, please contact us. We would be delighted to help make memories for your family that will last for years to come.