Planning A Holiday Party?

Are you planning on having an unforgettable Holiday Party?

Let The Crystal Ballroom help make your next  holiday party a smashing success!

The days may still be hot but what’s even hotter right now are the dates being booked for holiday parties. Now’s the time to secure the venue for your party, but what about the other aspects of planning? When should you book? Who should you invite?

We have put together a few important questions to ask before planning and a few suggestions for how to approach them! Begin with the end in mind. A holiday party is a great opportunity to hang out informally with coworkers/management, friends family but more importantly, it is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments with everyone to thank each other and celebrate a good year. Inviting coworkers, family or friends to your holiday party can also be a great way to build deeper relationships for the coming year. Entering into the planning process with this in mind will determine whether you need to put together gift bags or schedule a thank you speech into the event timeline.

What is the best day of the week to have my holiday party?

This depends on the type of availability your guests may have. Fridays and Saturdays are most popular when planning an event. Planning your holiday party on a Wednesday night or Thursday night is a great way to save money since venues tend to have lower rates during the week. This might also make it easier for your friends, families or co-workers to attend since the weekends around the holidays fill up quickly.

How close to the holiday season should I book the venue?

Again, this depends on the type of business. It is most common to celebrate up until the last Saturday before December 24th. However, because that is most common, planning your holiday party after the New Year is a great way to keep the fun going, toast the coming year’s success, and save on venue cost. The beginning of the year is a fairly slow time for everyone’s schedule. This makes it a GREAT time to have a party!

Should there be a style or theme?

A theme is optional but if you decide on a theme, remembers to be sensitive to your guests and their religious beliefs by keeping your event “holiday-neutral”. Make your holiday party about coming together to celebrate a everything positive and accomplishments. With that being said I hope this was helpful enough on planning a holiday party. Allow us to give you a hand here at The Crystal Ballroom and create a stress free event for you and your guests. Check out our website for more details and information at or contact us via phone and set up a tour with our event specialist at 407-681-2710