Americans have been increasingly moving towards healthier, lighter fare for years now. Sadly, not all halls in Orlando, Florida, have kept up. Many continue to sell banquet package meals rich in calories, trans-fatty acids, sodium and chemical additives everyone could do without. Not so with our Crystal Ballroom locations. Our menus, and the rest of our event services, have kept up with culinary trends. Plus, we can customize even the trendiest of menus to accommodate dietary requests.

For instance, preparing vegan and vegetarian meals are no problem for chefs familiar with our halls in Orlando. They can produce delicate, vegan tempura just as well as modern classics. Furthermore, they have an impressive repertoire of recipes that make veggies the star. A vegetable basket’s worth of appetizers to consider has been listed below:

  • Roasted Vegetable Salad with Green Goddess Dressing
  • Tri-Color Hummus and Veggie Chips
  • Vegetable Pomegranate Crostini
  • Quinoa Spinach Balls with Dipping Sauces
  • Salsa Stuffed Green Peppers or Pastries
  • Mushroom Ragout or Italian Brochette

They’re all perfect for most practicing vegans and we’ve got cheesy options for die-hard vegetarians too. Among them are stone fruit cups overflowing with soft cheeses and ooey-gooey, oven-fresh, berry brie. And as for the portable bars at catering halls in Orlando, they may also be stocked with vegan beverage options sure to please. Depending on the type of soiree, consider asking Orlando bartenders to consider everything from spiked smoothies to butter beers and coladas made with coconut or almond milks.

And what if vegan or vegetarian menus aren’t enough? As we mentioned before, our partners are adaptable and that goes for more than the chefs. For instance, there are vegan table linens and other cruelty-free party elements that can be worked into Orlando events. To learn more about the alternatives, contact our Florida party halls for the best results.