When you decide to host your wedding at a premier hall in Orlando, Florida like the Crystal Ballroom, you are already off to a great start with making your wedding a raving success, and dialing down the stress levels. Now that you’ve done such a good job with selecting the venue, you might want to consider some advice for simplifying another major task. These tips will help you to make your guest communications easier and more effective.

Have a plan: Take time at the start of your wedding planning to develop an overall communications plan. Think of all the tasks, and the timeline for getting them done. That way you’re less likely to forget anything, and you’ll know if you’re on track with the save the date cards and invitations.

Update your site: Keeping your website updated will avoid the necessity for a lot of more time-consuming individual communications. Many guests will get in the habit of checking the website first for information when they see that it’s timely and accurate.

Set up a wedding email: Setting up a wedding website is almost automatic these days, but don’t forget to create a wedding email too. It will help you stay organized, and keep the rest of your inbox more manageable.

Use the right channel: There are so many ways to communicate these days that you want to think first about what’s the most efficient and appropriate way to share information. Many things can be done online, but there are still times when phone calls or face-to-face conversations are a better choice.

Get help: You don’t have to do everything yourselves. Family members, the wedding party, and other friends may be looking for opportunities to pitch in.

Be concise: You’ll save time and your guests will be more likely to get your message if you express yourself clearly. Take time to edit your announcements, and try to have at least one other person view them first.

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