Bright colors are perfect for your quinceanera venue decorations. And by bright colors, we mean really bright! Colors like aqua, hot pink, marigold orange, and magenta. Bright colors are happy colors. They open your eyes and make you want to dance and laugh. We realize bright colors are traditional for quinceaneras, so you are probably already leaning toward them. But we want you to know we agree with and encourage the use of bright colors for your quinceanera!

However, in order for those colors to pop, make sure to use a couple of contrasting colors as well. Try bright orange with a deep, plum purple. Or bright teal with pink and tan. Try magenta with silver and white.

Make sure your dress stands out, too, and use one of the bright colors from your color scheme as your dress color because, after all, you are the point of the whole event!

Use lighting to accentuate the colors, and create shadows on them. This is a technique of tinting, and will add more interest to your few colors.

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that bright colors can’t be elegant. Bright colors are always fun and cheery, but when used on elegant tablecloths and drapery, chair covers and folded napkins, these colors are immediately perfect.

Contact us for help with your quinceanera. Our in-house decorator will listen and help make your celebration exactly as you want it. Browse our gallery to see past events we have hosted, and take a look at our one-stop-shop packages!