They say travel forges relationships, and that those who travel together stay together, so what is more romantic than theming your wedding around new adventures and the lifelong pursuit of new experiences?

A travel themed wedding needs to be practical and versatile with a huge splash of adventure.

The Dress: Your dress needs to be able to take you from day into night with little fuss. Choose a singlet and full skirt or a dress and over skirt combo for the ceremony, then swap the skirt for a pair of dancing pants or slip out of the over skirt to unleash your inner party animal on the dance floor in one simple step.

The Guest Experience: Travel is all about unexpected experiences, so make sure you give your guests a day to never be forgotten. Keep your wedding to a few select friends and get married in a hot air balloon, or if your wedding ambitions are a little bigger, what about trying for a wedding in an exotic location?

The Food: To really experience a new culture you need to taste its food. For a unique and practical wedding food idea with little fuss, why not set up a street food market, with a variety of vendors. Guests can choose what they like, graze when they want and the clean-up effort is minimal.

Centerpieces: To really tie your theme together, why not create street sign centerpieces with names of the countries you’d like to travel to together, and then snap a picture of you with it when you visit the place on your honeymoon? You could tie this into your “thank you” cards and send postcards to guests from each destination to thank them for their attendance and gifts.

And speaking of gifts, make sure to ditch the gift registry (who needs material assets when you were born to travel?), and have guests donate to a bank account to help fund your travel bug.


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