For a teen girl, turning sixteen is a really big deal – and not just because your daughter says so! The Sweet Sixteen is actually a rite of passage, and an important traditional celebration dating back many centuries. The Sweet Sixteen marks “that a girl has come of age,” and in Florida, all sixteen-year olds are legally able to obtain a drivers license. In most states, turning sixteen also bestows the legality of getting an actual, paid job – with the parents’ consent.

Nevertheless, most teen girls care less about the actual importance of turning sixteen and solely focus on this one aspect about their upcoming Sweet Sixteen birthday – the party. Ironically, turning sixteen for a teen girl is celebrated much more extravagantly and with greater emphasis, than their eighteenth birthday. Anyone and everyone knows that the Sweet Sixteen is a mega party which almost requires renting the premises of a ballroom, the sequestering of Djs and an official catering service.

The Crystal Ballroom, here in Orlando, is known as the hidden jewel of the city. We offer DJ-ready sound systems in our ballrooms, and a variety of banquet tables, chairs, table liners, and classy silverware – you won’t have to buy or rent anything extra for your daughter’s Sweet 16! Renting one or more of our spacious ballrooms also lends you the services of our lighting experts to aid in preparing the spotlights and uplighting such that they maximize the ecstasy of one of your daughter’s most important nights. Contact us today to learn more about our sweet 16 ballrooms!