One of the greatest aspects of wedding planning these days is that almost anything goes. As society’s expectations regarding the engagement and wedding processes continue to evolve, couples are enjoying the freedom of being able to celebrate their wedding in the style that best expresses their personalities. No longer are couples pressured into the traditional wedding customs that were once required by respectable families of fame or substance.

If you are looking for a way to make your wedding reception memorable, why not consider giving the history of the area a subtle nod? The Tampa Bay area is rich in history, legends, and lore, some of which is only vaguely familiar to your guests. Instead of the typical candy coated almonds or scented candles, why not highlight local history by sending your wedding guests home with a wedding favor that acknowledges days of long ago?

One of Tampa’s most notable historic districts, Ybor City, was once a bustling melting pot of immigrants, working to make their way in life. These industrial men and women of the past created some of the world’s most successful cigar companies. These companies largely became defunct after World War II, but locals continue to associate this area of Tampa Bay with finely crafted cigars. Cigars may be a fine party favor for your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Tampa Bay. You may wish to also have a second option on hand, such as fine chocolates, for guests that wish to remain tobacco-free.

While the break from historical traditions can be considered freeing, including a little bit of history into your wedding day may be just the thing your event needs to make it extra special. For more ideas on incorporating the history of Tampa Bay into your special event at this Crystal Ballroom location, contact us today!