Of course, ballrooms are for dancing, but sometimes a room full of teenagers needs a little something to break the ice, especially if they are attending a formal or semi-formal event. If you are planning on hosting a Sweet 16 party in one of our fabulous ballrooms, and you notice a suspicious absence of mingling and chitchat, be prepared with a few fun activities to get the party started.

Lunch Sack Race

Trim ten to twelve paper lunch bags to varying heights. Set them up at one end of the dance floor. Divide participants into two even teams. Participants must run to the opposite end of the dance floor, bend over and pick up a paper bag with only their mouth, while not touching the floor with anything but their feet. The first team to successfully collect five bags is declared the winning team. Participating young ladies may wish to remove their heels for this event.

Party Potato

Just like in traditional “hot potato,” instruct participants to stand in a circle on the dance floor. Give the birthday girl a large bag full of outrageous clothing and accessory items. Items could range from gaudy costume jewelry, to feather boas, from top hats, to silly sunglasses or Mardi Gras beads. When the music begins, the bag is passed around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is left holding the bag must retrieve one item from the bag while not looking into the bag itself, and wear said item for the duration of the game. Remember to take a group photo at the end!

Hose-Head Bowling

Clear the dance floor, and set up a row of empty soda bottles. Give the guys in attendance one leg of a pair of pantyhose, with a tennis ball stuffed into the toe. Instruct the guys to pull the opening of the pantyhose over their head and face, bend at the waist, with their hands behind their back, and knock over as many soda bottles as possible, as quickly as they can. While the girls in attendance may not wish to pull hose down over their perfectly done hair and makeup, the guys will enjoy showing off for the ladies and the ladies will enjoy watching the guys compete.

The staff at the Crystal Ballroom knows that a Sweet 16 party is an important milestone for any teenager. For more information about throwing a party she can be proud of, contact us today!