Do you know which national holiday falls in June? It is both Rose and Perennial Gardening Month. As such, many event organizers are looking to decorate their chosen party venues with roses. White roses have long been associated with Seminole County thanks to citrus growers. It was one of the graphics used by local growers to promote their crops. Perhaps you’ve seen the antique labels from Nelson & Company’s heyday?

If not, it’s okay. The Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry looks beautiful decked out in white roses, whether they resemble the vintage ads or not. Over the years, the bright, clean color has come to represent a number of things. Among them are early marriage, innocence, loyalty and truth. So they’d be perfect for baby showers, quinceaneras, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, retirement parties and anniversaries.

And of course white isn’t the only color rose or perennial that would look absolutely stunning expertly placed throughout our Seminole County banquet hall. Deep pink roses tend to be popular too because of their not so hidden meanings. They are widely noted to symbolize appreciation, femininity and happiness. And yes, the dark pink and white roses would marry well together in a number of centerpiece designs.

You may wonder, “What about male dominated affairs?” “Should the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry be adorned with roses during bachelor parties and other guy focused celebrations? We say “Yes” but it should truly be up to the guys. For instance, some men are quite comfortable in surrounding themselves with vibrant orange and yellow blooms.

Incidentally, the two colors are closely identified with friendship and excitement. Thus, they really do fit in with parties meant to celebrate job promotions, bromances, birthdays and the like. So think about asking our team for a few orange and yellow focused design schemes. To learn more about adding roses and additional perennials to your Crystal Ballroom event, please contact us at the Casselberry location.