One of the best things about our state is that it is home to a varied and unique mix of cultures, historical points of interest, and attractions. While visitors tend to think only of sunshine and sandy beaches, Florida residents know that our state is much more than our coastlines that draw millions of visitors every year.

Residents could tell you all about our outstanding professional and collegiate level sports teams that routinely engage in lively competition all around the state. NASCAR enthusiasts among us know that the Daytona Speedway is a sight worth seeing, and, of course, children of all ages could tell you all about a certain famous mouse that welcomes millions of sightseers to the Orlando area each year.

The cigar aficionados could point out the Cuban connection to the Tampa Bay area, and golf enthusiasts could surely give you tips and tricks for improving your golf game at any number of our pristine golf courses.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we realize that one of the reasons that Florida is such a popular tourist destination is because it has something for everyone. Following the example of our fair state, the staff at the Crystal Ballroom seeks to appeal to a large variety of clients who have their own desires and unique needs for their special events. From beautiful breezy beaches to stylish ballrooms, we have a variety of locations across the state, all of which are sure to please even the most particular client.

The staff at our many unique venues are prepared to set the stage for your event in a way that will astound you and your guests. Ready to learn more about how our staff can make magical memories happen for your wedding or special event? Contact us today to learn how you can hold your next event at one of our ballrooms in Orlando, our Crystal Ballroom in Daytona Beach, or our newest ballroom in the Tampa Bay area. We look forward to hearing from you!