If your wedding reception will be held indoors, there are plenty of creative ways to bring the look of nature to the inside of your wedding ballroom. If you love flowers and plants, you can incorporate more than just centerpieces and bouquets into your big day. Here are four fresh floral options when it comes to decorating your wedding reception.

1. Garlands and Swags

You don’t need to stick to paper or fabric decor indoors, and can opt to decorate with greenery as well. Garlands made of pine can be put together and line tables, walls, and benches to bring your wedding venue to life.

2. Trees and Plants

If your wedding will be the winter months, you might not get the outdoor setting you had hoped for during your wedding. One way around this is to bring the outdoors inside. Small topiaries and plants can be rented to line your ballroom and bring a natural feel to your wedding.

3. Backdrops Made of Flowers

A perfect photo backdrop might be one made of fresh flowers. This can be a stand-alone wall that looks like standard decor, but is actually living! This will make your wedding photos special and can be a takeaway gift for guests if you use this as a photobooth at your reception.

4. Upside-Down Garden

Much like green garlands, you can take this a step further and hang flowers from the ceiling or chandeliers for a romantic look. These can be in bunches or individually hung to bring color and style to your day. You will feel like you are in your own floral wonderland while celebrating your wedding day.

Be sure to run any larger projects by your wedding venue to make sure you stay within the parameters of their needs and fire codes. If you are looking for the perfect wedding ballroom for your upcoming indoor reception, contact us to help you get started on the planning process.